Research on Magnetoresistive Sensors for Non-Destructive Testing

 Magnetoresistive Sensors

INESC-MN is optimizing high sensitive sensors for integration as eddy current probes for non-destructive testing purposes

The main goal of this work is to develop probes for surface mapping, aiming to detect defects at the surface or buried down to few millimeters, in Al, steel and Ti foils. The reader is developed at INESC-MN, based on state-of-the-art magnetoresistive sensors (GMR and MTJ).

The work is integrated in a collaborative project, IMAGIC - EU-FP7-ICT-2011-7, Project Nr. 288381, "Integrated Magnetic imAgery based on spIntronics Components", coordinated by CEA, and involving INESC-MN (Lisbon), INESC-ID (Lisbon), BAM (Germany), EADS (France), Sensitec (Germany) and Tecnatom (Spain).

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