about inesc


INESC-Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores 8Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers) is a non-profit association dedicated to education, science incubation, research activity and technological consulting.

INESC was founded in 1980 and has established itself as a reference model of the University-Industry relationship. INESC was the first institution to demonstrate that in the socio-economic activity of a country corresponding to the development stage of Portugal there is a place for research and development.

In 1987, the INESC activity was recognized by the Public Utility logo award.

The following entities are associated of INESC:
Instituto Superior Técnico (IST - Superior Technical Institute); Grupo Portugal Telecom (PT); Universidade do Porto (UP - University of Porto), Universidade de Lisboa (ULisboa - University of Lisbon), Universidade de Coimbra (UC - University of Coimbra) and Correios de Portugal, S.A. (CTT - Portugal national mail service).

INESC produces science and technology that competes and takes leading positions in the national and world markets as well as brings up in science and technology the high-quality human resources, motivated to invest in national capacities and modernization of Portugal. The results that INESC has achieved demonstrate a clear positive link between science, technology and economy.

Even in the particularly adverse economic situations, INESC has provided, with determination, its contribution to the construction of modern Portugal, with strong economy and high-quality society.

The privileged links to Universities and the Business enable INESC to contribute to better adapting the system of scientific and technological education to the economic and social needs. The strategy and objectives of INESC are based on the three key ideas:

»Scientific and technological excellence
»Economical Merit
»Sustainability and Growth

Presently INESC possesses a holding-type structure, whose participated members (R&DT Institutions) operate in the areas dedicated to science and technology as well as participate in more industry-related activities.

The holding structure introduces a model of diversity, complementarity and creative freedom, which effectively contribute to the construction of modern Portugal, strong economy and good society.