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Telesurveillance of Large Areas

CICLOPE is a telesurveillance system desiged by a team of INOV researchers, highly experienced in development of monitoring and remote control systems.

The CICLOPE system currently covers about 1,300,000 hectares of Continental Portugal.

Due to characteristics of its equipment, CICLOPE enables large areas to be monitored remotely, at a reduced cost per hectare. The simultaneous or individual use of video and IR cameras, as well as a special lidar (laser radar) sensor, allows round-the-clock observations, practically regardless of the weather conditions. With completely autonomous power supply and communications units, the CICLOPE system is designed to operate in any location.

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The cameras and all the associated equipment, including the positioning and control systems are installed in the special observation towers called SDATs (Surveillance and Data Acquisition Towers).

The CICLOPE installation is formed by several SDATs and a Control and Management Centre (GCC). It is GCC that controls all SDATs and receives all the images taken by cameras. GCC runs a powerful control application, with some innovative features patented by INOV. These innovations allow a practical and intuitive use of the system.

The whole system operates over IP, from the capture of images to their viewing and processing, which ensures exceptional performance as well as expandable and unlimited use of any means of digital communications (Microwave, GPRS/UMTS, fibre-optics, etc.).

To increase the range of provided options, the CICLOPE installation may be supplied with meteorological stations and with systems providing equipment & facilities security, people and vehicle location and/or automatic target detection, all integrated into a single software package.

Its client/server design concept enables SDATs to be controlled from different places: firemen headquarter, Civil Protection unit, police station, etc.

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Strongly supporting the developments in the telesurveillance area, INOV has been developing new brand new concepts, such as systems for traffic control and automatic fire, intrusion and suspicious behaviour detection.

In order to guarantee proper dimensioning and design of the CICLOPE installation, INOV has developed specific planning tools that provide operational simulations and test solutions, thus allowing to choose the best sites and equipment for each case.



  • Forest Surveillance
  • Urban Surveillance
  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Access and Intrusion Control
  • Traffic Control
  • Accident Prevention