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Inspection and Risk Assessment for Water Environments

Simulation of robot MARES monitoring a pipelineWith a consolidated experience in aquatic robotics, INESC TEC proves its international competences by exporting the underwater robots MARES and TriMARES, which are now conducting autonomous inspections to map and collect data in water environments in Brazil.

These autonomous robot submarines have the ability to inspect dam structures and sedimentation of river basins with a degree of precision in the order of centimeters and in real time. These underwater vehicles can be used, for instance, to measure water quality by analysing data such as temperature, pH, or even levels of pollution.

By automatically collecting information, these robots can timely detect abnormalities and analyse the level of risk in dams with greater precision and with lower costs comparatively to traditional processes.

The TriMARES robot received an award in the category of Innovation "Best of 2011" promoted by the magazine Exame Informática.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle TRIMARES