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Research on Ultrasensitive Magnetoresistive Sensors for Neuroscience

Ultrasensitive Magnetoresisteive Sensors


INESC-MN is developing a new generation of sensors for Neurosciences. The devices are based on magnetoresistive sensors integrated in micromachined needles with ultra-low sensitivities (20pTesla detection).

The work is integrated in a collaborative project, MAGNETRODES - EU-FP7-ICT project nº 600730 ”Electromagnetic detection of neural activity at cellular resolution”, coordinated by CEA-Saclay (M. Pannetier-Lecoeur), and involving INESC-MN (Lisbon), UNIC-CNRS (Paris), ESI (Frankfurt) and Aalto University (Helsinki).In collaboration with partners, INESC-MN participate actively in the sensor testing in vitro and in vivo at various spatial scales, from brain areas down to single neurons.

INESC MN Magnetrodes
















 Collaboration with INL (Braga), INESC-ID (Lisbon), F. Champalimaud (Lisbon), IICVS (Braga)